Spiritual Bars – The Album

zine coverSpiritual Bars – The Album will be Released on September 18, 2018. The album will feature 13 tracks by GIN plus special appearances by Mystic Butterfly, Komo Sarcani, Sullee J, BDM and Chris Cape.

The inspiration for Spiritual Bars is to bring back the lyricism in hip-hop which is currently lacking in today’s culture.

Spiritual Bars will be available through Itunes, Spotify and Bandcamp. Support Independent Hip-Hop and Buy the Album.

Spiritual Bars Vlog: Diddy

The second episode for the Spiritual Bars Vlog title Diddy has been released. Diddy is off my album Spiritual Bars and the video was shot in Dubai. Check it out here and make sure you subscribe:

Spiritual Bars Vlog

Spiritual Bars Vlog is officially out!! Check out and make sure you like, comment and subscribe:


The World – GIN feat. Komo Sarcani



The World by female hip-hop artist GIN feat. Komo Sarcani. The single will be on the upcoming Spiritual Bars Album set to drop on 9.18.18. The album features 13 tracks dedicated to lyricism and keeping the authentic art of hip-hop alive.

You can preorder the album now at: www.therealgin.bandcamp.com

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Here are the lyrics: