New Single “Lockdown” by GIN


“Lockdown” touches on police brutality, injustice and the pandemic which has affected social, political and economic households worldwide. The video was filmed in Long Beach, California by Underground Threat.

Lockdown is the first single off her new self-titled album GIN. This is a follow up from her previous album Spiritual Bars. Gin has established herself as an independent and international artist and toured in South Africa and in the Middle East.

Originally from Los Angeles, California GIN provides a positive uplifting message in hip-hop.

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Spiritual Bars: Soaps and Salt Scrubs

Spiritual Bars has recently branched off into the area of personal care products. Handmade soaps and salt scrubs are now available under the Merch section at:

There is also an Etsy shop available a:

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Check it out and support independent music.

Spiritual Bars Vlog: Diddy

The second episode for the Spiritual Bars Vlog title Diddy has been released. Diddy is off my album Spiritual Bars and the video was shot in Dubai. Check it out here and make sure you subscribe: